Preserving Heritage through Archaeology Education

The South Carolina Archaeology Public Outreach Division was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2010 with a mission to encourage knowledge of the state’s archaeology to the general public through publications, public education, and museums.


SCAPOD aims at achieving the mission with innovative programs and projects that connect people with South Carolina’s cultural heritage using archaeology. SCAPOD’s programs are specifically geared toward engaging people of all ages on a variety of different levels with archaeology. Archaeology in the United States is taught as a sub-discipline of anthropology, the study of people in the past and present. Using an anthropological perspective when developing our programs, it allows us to offer a unique opportunity to educate everyone about South Carolina’s cultural heritage.

Programs and Projects

SCAPOD divisions include Education, Production and Development which all work symbiotically towards major archaeology outreach goals which include: the production and free online distribution of an archaeology education manual that meets SC State Teaching Standards, Teacher Workshops, Summer Camps, Local Museum Initiatives, Film and Oral History Development, Archaeology Traveling Trunks and Dig Boxes.


We hope that you find the SCAPOD website a useful resource for enhancing your knowledge about the archaeology of South Carolina. Please pass along the information you find here today to others interested in the study of archaeology, and feel free to contact the staff at any time with questions regarding our programs and projects in which you, your students or children would like to participate.