Download 2010 3rd Grade Pilot Manual for Sullivan’s Island Elementary

Meeting Standards

The Education Manual will be a collection of archaeology lesson plans, activities, and resources for South Carolina teachers to use in the K-12 classroom. All of the lessons and activities will be in line with the South Carolina State Education Standards so they will be easier for teachers to incorporate into their teaching structure. The material in the Manual will overlap into a variety of subjects, such as social studies, science, mathematics, language arts, and visual arts, making it a great tool for interdisciplinary teaching. Resources in the manual will include a list of archaeologists who are interested in doing occasional school visits, contacts for museums throughout the state, lists of archaeological sites throughout South Carolina, and book/media resources that could be helpful for incorporating archaeology into the classroom.


The Manual will be available online as a PDF to make it easier and more cost effective for reaching a wide audience throughout the state. There will also be hard copies of the manual available. In addition to the Manual there will also be resources for archaeologists interested in doing school lectures, such as a summary of what kids are learning in specific grade levels as well as PowerPoint templates to make it easier on the archaeologists willing to donate their time and knowledge.

In the Classroom

So far, a draft of the manual has been developed with a focus on 3rd grade activities and resources. We chose 3rd grade because in Social Studies students focus on South Carolina history and prehistory. These activities primarily cover social studies and science standards, but a variety of other subjects are addressed as well. A tentative list of age-appropriate websites and books were also included in this draft, as well as a vocabulary list of archaeology terms. Currently, we are working in coordination with Sullivan’s Island Elementary to get feedback about the manual so we can be sure it will be a useful and effective tool for the teachers. The next step is writing and organizing activities for 6th grade where students study ancient civilizations, and 8th grade which also focuses on South Carolina history and prehistory.