Think Local

Outreach is essentially what SCAPOD is all about. Through our three divisions of Education, Production and Development we are able to create new and interesting ways to educate the public about local archaeology in South Carolina. Students do not need to study about far away lands when an archaeology lesson is being taught. Take into consideration your small town, your city, or even your own backyard. People have been living in South Carolina for thousands of years, and it is through SCAPOD outreach material and programs that you can learn about our state’s amazing archaeological heritage.

Services and Resources

Here you will find the services and resources that SCAPOD can provide to the public as a means of achieving our mission.  Since we are non-profit we are forced to charge fees for some our services. We are willing to work with you and your organization on grants that will help aid in the burden of the cost of these programs.  Ultimately, we aim at providing these services at as little cost as we can.  If you would like to help us in our effort to provide free services, please visit our donations page.


We are also constantly looking for new ways to collaborate with schools, museums, and other organizations on outreach projects with archaeology.  Please contact Erika Shofner, Education Director to explore custom designed projects.